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Marketing Matters

@ John Porter, Screenwriter

"If you live in Hollywood, you can meet filmmakers who also live there; if you belong to StarPitchers, you can meet filmmakers who live throughout the world."

Reinventing Experiences

@ Angus Benfield, LAMA Entertainment

"StarPitchers has an amazing pool of talented writers with incredible, cinematic stories... it's a goldmine of creativity for the independent producer!"

Cultures of Creativity

@ Leone Marucci, Steelyard Pictures

StarPitchers makes locating that perfect script a simple process. Select your genre and discover a vast supply of content only a click away. I found Kevin Bachar and his script for 'The Inhabitant' through StarPitchers - and the rest is history."

Human Centered Design

@ Jacqueline Dunkle, Screenwriter

"You are always so gracious and helpful. Your site has provided me with the most views and your service is very much appreciated."