Share your script with anyone and track their interest. Use Share Tracker to track script queries you send to producers, agents, managers, and more. When they view your work, you will know.

As simple as sending an email Through your StarPitchers account, you can email your logline and synopsis to contacts by logging in and clicking on the share button. Advanced features allow you to choose if you want to include your resume, script, or pitch deck.

Track your query After sharing your listing, track who is viewing your work with Share Tracker. See who viewed what and how often. Every click from a producer appears in your StarPitchers account. If someone checks your synopsis or script, it's logged! Now, you'll always know if and when someone reads your script.

Take control You can also modify the access a person has to your listing. Only want to send out your pitch? No problem. If a producer requests to read your script, you can give them access with one click in Share Tracker. After your script is optioned, you can turn off the ability for others to read it.

Why Share Tracker? Your logline, synopsis, resume, and script are easily accessible, ready to send — ready to read. Track interest by knowing when a recipient views your work. Take control over your queries. Create and suspend what you share at any time. Keep track of everyone you've sent your script to—all in one place. It's free! Stop blindly querying. Log in to share your scripts.